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Janine Elise Scott
Kelly and Janine - Best Friends & Co-Writers!
Currently, this page is for extra photos. 

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Pat and Janine... yeah we wish this was ours!  Too bad it's a rental.
Pat & Janine in a helicopter ride to Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of S. Dakota.
At Janine's family reunion in Dallas, July, 2006.
Lori, Peter, Bret, Mary, Cynthia, Janine, Jen
Karaoke in Dallas: Lori, Janine, Mary, Bret, Cynthia - I think we were singing ACDC!
JES, while recording the "Out of the Blue" CD. Nov, 2004.
Our beloved Felony, died mother's day, 2006.
Janine, Dave, Kelly - Karaoke Contest (prelim rounds) at Harrah's Reno.  Janine took first at the finals winning $3,000 in cash!  April 2004.
Easter Sunday at Reno Unity Church, 2004.