at the party!
Sophie, Kel, Dave, Tom, and Janine
Janine Elise Scott
"Out of the Blue" CD
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Janine w/ Andy Griggs at Legends in Nashville. (Dec. 2004)
I've ALWAYS wanted to sing in an evening gown while laying on a grand piano!  (Sr. Recital, UNR, 2003)
Janine performing at Tootsies in Nashville (Dec. 2004)
Elise & Janine
JES takes the stage
JES, Tom (eng, mix, master), Kelly (co-writer), Dave (drums, keyboards), Mark (co-writer, guitar)
CD Release Party - July 24, 2005
Wally & Janine at Roxy's Piano Bar, Reno, NV.  (June 2006)
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Kendall, Janine, Tim, Coleen
Baby Ben, Amy, Fred (my dad), Matt, Fred, Kelsey, Janine
At Esca and The Table
Dec 2006